About BlackOnyx Creations


BlackOnyx Creations is my craft and crochet blog and brand where I can share my talent and products with the world. If you like unique accessories, cute little stuffed toys and my newest venture… crocheted clothing! Then, stick around, let’s be friends!

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I’m Danielle, and I’m the owner and creator of BlackOnyx Creations. I have a husband and daughter, and coffee gives me life. I’m a long time crocheter and newbie blogger; a novice shop owner, with a lot of determination.


A few of my goals for this page are:

  • Showcase my work

  • Interact with others who share my passion
  • Provide patterns and tutorials for YOU!
  • Grow, learn, and launch a handmade business.

Crochet Bikinis and Bralettes!

I am working on a few specific sections for continuous weekly writing, they can be found in the drop down menu, I hope you stick around to check them out!


Please feel free to follow me on my journey here or on social media! I am still a blogging newbie so feel free to share any advice!

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